Liturgy Committee

Fr. David Tokarz

The Committee meets several times a year to plan major events like Advent/Christmas and Lent/Easter and to review how the quality of our worship is developing. We oversee training and scheduling of Lectors, Special Ministers of Holy Communion, Ushers and Altar Servers. We try to bring our worship in line with the desires of the Vatican II Constitution on the Sacred liturgy and also look at special events like our Evening Prayer at the end of Christmas and Easter seasons and our Parish Feast (Exaltation of the Holy Cross). Additional considerations touch on RCIA and music.


Brenda Holderfield

Lectors proclaim the Word through the Holy Scripture. Once trained, they prepare themselves to read the written Word through prayer and reflection.

Special Minister of Holy Communion

Henrietta Toth

These people are trained to administer the Body and Blood of the Lord our God during Mass, and in some additional cases to take Holy Communion to the sick and homebound of our parish. Love of our Lord is the key quality in the idea Special Minister as well as focus and reverence both for the Holy Eucharist and the members of the Body of Christ to whom they minister.

Altar Servers

Deacon Norman Gale

Altar Servers are an integral part of each Mass for which the tradtion can be traced back to the early days of the Catholic Church. Servers perform several important roles during the Mass which helps to instill a very keen sense of being a crucial element of the Mass ceremony at a young age. Children ages eight and above, especially teenagers are welcome to join and are formally trained as scheduled by Deacon Norman Gale.


Bill Wakefield

Parishioners and guests are greeted and welcomed into weekly Mass by Ushers assigned on a rotating basis. Along with greeting parishioners into the Church, Ushers are expected to help our Pastor perform various functions within the Mass ceremony sych as taking up collections, helping to organize Communion and any other general assistance as may be required. Being an Usher is a very rewarding Ministry both as an important part of the Mass ceremony as well as being a great opportunity to get to know fellow parishioners.

Environment & Decorations

Pat Wright | AJ Glassen

This committee coordinates the decorating and cleaning of the Church. Members meet weekly to clean the church and prepare for Liturgical season changes. A group also meets before Easter and Christmas and as needed for a whole church cleaning. They also clean the vestments and linens. Members can be involved in many different ways and time. Commitment is flexible.

Elijah Cup Recipients

Jan Murray

Families, especially those with First Eucharist students, are invited to take the Elijah cup home with them to pray for vocations within the church during the week. They receive the chalice during the 11:00 AM Mass and return it the following week in the Offertory Procession. Such family devotion to prayer can have a dramatic, lifelong effect on children.

Pre-Baptism Preparation

Amy Walsh

Persons wishing to have their child Baptized are invited to attend a forty-five minute pre-Baptism session before the actual event. Amy answers many of the questions a young couple may have regarding the time and place of one of the most important Sacraments in a child’s life. Adults who have never been Baptized in another denomination and wish to become Roman Catholic, please refer to the RCIA program in the Adult Education Section.

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