Parish Council

The Parish Council is a nine member representative body of Our Savior Parish led by our Pastor and is considered the governing body of the Parish. The Council meets approximately once a month or more if required to deliberate and decide business matters for the Parish based on guidelines set forth by the Archdiocese and the wishes of our Parish members. Three new members are elected by popular vote each April and serve a three year term. Parish members who are at least 18 and who have not been on the council for at least a year are eligible for nomination.


Fr. David Tokarz, Pastor

Vicki Wakefield, President

Lonnie Gilmore, Vice President

Eileen Rettig, Secretary

Frank Anthony, Finance Council Liaison

Mischa Armstrong

Margie Bolton

Rhina Gullian-Gomez

Frances Marecki

Ginny Nelson

Rebecca Reinhardt

Finance Council

The Finance Council consists of a group of parishioners well schooled in economic matters plus full time staff members appointed by our Pastor to oversee the overall Parish money management both on an operational basis as well as long term projects recommended by the Parish Council. At times, special joint meetings are convened with the Parish Council and outside technical specialists to discuss large capital improvement projects. The Parish Council meets approximately once a month as scheduled by the Pastor.


Fr. David Tokarz

John Broderick

Danny Dunaway

Bill Gunkel

Chet Marecki

                                        Frank Anthony, Parish Council Liaison

Judy Pukac

Mary Marks


Sister Parish Committee

Rhina Gullian-Gomez

Our Savior Parish proudly helps to support our sister Parish in Temascalapa, Mexico. The monies collected by this committee through donations are used to support the educational needs of the poorest families in the region who otherwise would be forced to withdraw their children from the local school due to a lack of being able to supply simple things such as shoes and books. Each year a small group of the committee members travel to Temascalapa to enable us to “show our face” and directly interact with our sister parishioners. A bake sale and yard sale are held once a year to raise money for these travel expenses. The Sister Committee meets once a month in the Church at a date determined in the previous meeting.


St. Vincent de Paul Society

Christina Richie | Henrietta Toth

The Saint Vincent de Paul Society is worldwide organization founded in 1830 France by Bl. Frederic Ozanam dedicated to helping the poor. The Society is closely associated with the Daughters of Christy, an international group of Catholic Nuns. The Our Svaior SVdP Society is active in two general areas, the first being the onsite food pantry and the second, home visits to the needy within our Parish boundaries. The pantry is open from 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM Mondays and Thursdays of each week to distribute food to anyone who requires it regardless of his or her religious affiliation. During the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, food baskets are prepared for various families within our Parish who otherwise would be unable to provide one. Home visits are made on an as-requested basis by two more members who not only determine a needy family’s financial requirements byt help instill a sense of purpose and faith in God. All of the funds donated to the Society whether they be through poor box proceeds at the rear of the church, quarterly collections or a yearly “Walk for the Poor” held in September, fo to these efforts. The Society meets the first and third Sunday of each month at 9:45 AM to 10:45 AM in the church Quieting Room. Click here to learn more about the Saint Vincent de Paul Society.

Burse Club

Judy Adams

The Burse Club establishes permanent scholarships for the education of Seminarians within our Diocese and is sponsored by the Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Women. Membership dues are $12.00 per year with no scheduled meetings to attend. In early September formal collections are held after all the Masses. The total amount collected from all the Deaneries is then presented to the Archbishop at the annual ACCW Convention.

Catholic Charities

Jan Murray

The Catholic Charities Organization supports the needs of our community through direct and indirect help. A pledge drive is held each January. Volunteers are welcome to help with telephone calls. Catholic Charities is known and respected worldwide for its humanitarian efforts. Our personal support of the Catholic Charities drive is evidence of our concern for the less fortunate.

Ministry of Care

Dolores Hale

The Ministry of Care is a crucial link between the Church and any parishioner who is no longer able to attend Mass as well as offering sympathy to bereaving loved ones. Whenever a parishioner is confined to a hospital, nursing home, assisted living facility or their home, a Minister of Care brings the Spirit of the Church to them. Special gifts such as the holiday gift bags, liturgical books and holy literature are distributed. Bereaving family members are supported with meals, letter of sorrow, as well as companionship and sympathy. Special Masses are also held quarterly at four local assisted living facilities by our Pastor. Anointing of the sick is also performed during this time.

Bereavement Letters
Jan Murray/Jane Baker

An important aspect of the Ministry of Care is to continue to share the Parish’s condolences with the breaved family members. Information from the data records regarding that family is accessed so that initial as well as follow up letters of bereavement can be sent.

Funeral Lunch Team
Judy Pukac/Laura Fellrath

Once contacted, members of this Committee are asked to prepare a covered dish and bring it to Jennings Hall to be provided to the bereaved families after a funeral. In many cases, members may also be asked to help serve the meals.