I have arrived at the rectory of Most Holy Redeemer in Evergreen Park.  The journey here from the seminary in Mundelein was interesting and perhaps 45 minutes longer than it might have been, but I chose the way to arrive.

          Interstate 94 and the Tri-State Tollway (I-294) would have been much, much faster, but I decided to take the “scenic route” and follow US45 from the west edge of the seminary campus all the way down.  [For those interested, you can follow this itinerary on Google Maps.]

          US highways were the old way of traveling, and interstates were designed to mimic them.  I-65, for example, is a shadow of US31:  our “Mobile Highway” actually winds through South Bend, IN and dead-ends on the shores of Lake Michigan; I-65 follows a similar route and ends just west of Gary, IN. 

          US45 merges with US12, and a little later with US20—it’s the original western corridor of Chicago (now actually going through heavily populated areas).  At times there were speed limits of 50 mph; mostly it was 40.  But traffic moved, more or less, except when stacked up by 18-wheel trucks.  The road has many names, depending on what part of the City it is:  Milwaukee Rd, River Rd, Mannheim Rd, La Grange Rd.  But it’s all US12-20/45 all the way to 95th St.  At that point, La Grange Rd continues south as US45; US12-20 turns east on 95th St, and that is what I take (about 6-7 miles) to get to what was my Mom’s parish before she died. 

          There’s a guest room in the rectory that I’ve used for several years now; I have strong suspicions that my visit last summer was the last time the room was used at all!  But I’m graciously received, and I have a place to shower and sleep. 

          My last two visits I played golf in torrential conditions since the day we had a tee-time was the only day my brother could get off.  This year was slightly different; the sun was out mostly, but as it’d rained all the previous afternoon and night, the course was a sodden mess.  But we were out there!  One disappointment was that I saw no deer, even though it’s a forest preserve.  Typically, they are out on the course; not this time.  But my brother and I may well get in another round, so perhaps I’ll meet up with the creatures then.

          This is gossipy, but it’s a way of letting folks know that I’m still alive, even after the coups perpetrated by the Finance and Parish Councils, meeting without me!  I’ll be waiting in exile for word that my rightful power has been re-established…