1. Roll and opening prayer (Fr David)

Tad, Aidan, Hank, Jan, Deacon Norman, Juan Jose, Fr David

  1. Old Business


  1. New Business
    1. Holy Week
      1. Ushers  Tad will get them for Triduum
      2. Foot-washing:  12 of GREAT variety/diversity
      3. Special Ministers of Holy Communion  Sign-up sheet
        1. Holy Thursday:  6 sign-ups [10 total]
        2. Good Friday:  2 sign-ups [4 total]
        3. Easter Vigil: 4 sign-ups  [8 total]
        4. Easter Sunday:  6 sign-ups for 8:30 and 11:00 [10 total]
      4. Lectors  Brenda and Fr David will develop this list.    We need a 3rd Lector for Palm Sunday (“Voice”) as well as for Good Friday.  We’ll do ALL SEVEN readings!!  
      5. Servers  Holy Thursday, 5-6; Good Friday Stations, 2-3; Good Friday, 2-4/3-5; Easter Vigil, 6; Easter Sunday, 4-5.
      6. Readings  ALL SEVEN!!!
      7. vii.Music  All is OK.  Responsorial will be repeated for all seven readings.  
    2. Other  “River of Glory” sung while people come to the font after Confirmations.  “Profession of Faith” during sprinkling at Easter Sunday.
  1. Other  All is good (we hope!).
  1. Next meeting 19 April, 6:30 
  1. Closing Prayer (Tad)




  1. Opening Prayer, Roll  Deacon Norman, Fr David, Elvia, Brenda, Aidan, Tad.  Opening Prayer by Aidan.
  1. Lent
    1. Decorations  Will occur on Mardi Gras day!  We need tables for ashes and for Rice Bowl; banners and altar cloths will be changed.  Tad will put out a wicker basket to collect old palms for burning.
    2. Music  Entrance is Taize “O Lord, Hear My Prayer” and the Mass parts are Latin (w/accompaniment); Confiteor & Kyrie (no Gloria, no Alleluia, no sung Eucharistic Prayer, no sung Our Father)
    3. Ash Wednesday Masses (including evening, bi-lingual) Confirmation kids will help serve English for Lectors, Ushers, & Servers—Norman will get them, and Fr Jose will get Spanish-speaking (2+2 servers).  Deacon Norman will coordinate bi-lingual POF w/Fr Jose.
      1. Lectors
      2. Ushers
      3. Servers
      4. Ashes—Evening Mass:  Fr Jose, Fr David, Deacon Norman, Deacon Charles; Morning Mass—Fr David, Deacon Norman, Deacon Charles
    4. Stations of the Cross  6:00 pm Fridays of Lent—Deacon Norman and Fr David will calendar this
    5. Reconciliation service 3rd or 4th week of Lent…
  1. Other business None.
  1. Next meeting, Closing Prayer 8 March, 6:30 pm.  Closing Prayer:  Deacon Norman.