For all those who were longing to quit worrying about COVID-19:  let me introduce a special guest:  Sally.

Home-school Religious Education:  parents really ARE the primary educators of their children (PTL, with serious help from our PCL and the great volunteers!).

Collections are down; bills are up—who can double-check to see if they are behind and can help catch up?

Church restrooms are now open:  one stall, some waiting (and please remember to flush!).

Reservations needed no more for Mass, but we do need to be able to “contact trace,” so names are still taken.  Hand sanitizer and masks are the way to go.

One day we’ll remove all the masks, and no one will be able to hide the smirks and under-the-breath comments…

It’s a special privilege for me to pray a prayer at Mass for protection from storms written by my friend Rabbi Steve Silberman.

It was so sad to have our parish feast without a feast…

We’re closing in on the Feast of St Matthew (September 21)—tax-collector, Apostle, Evangelist—and the birthday of Archbishop Oscar H Lipscomb (RIP).

Surprisingly (or perhaps not), one of the most moving things I have been doing as a pastor during this lock-down is Communion from the porch on Fridays and Sundays.  I am deeply touched by the fidelity of so many, and by their devotion.

4 months ago I made a reservation for a November flight/visit to Italy, and I was hoping that that country would be safe for me.  As it turns out, we are not safe for them!  My visit is postponed until April (I hope).

Why was the “Tau” cross St Francis’ favorite?  Read Ezekiel 9:1-6.

“Pray for me/As I will for thee/That we may merrily/Meet in heaven.” 

–St Thomas More