The journey I’m on right now, as you all know, is for me the journey of a lifetime.  I’m in the Delta Sky Lounge right now, waiting for the flight to Rome, and then the train to Assisi.  But rather than focus on this week for me, I want to reflect on the events of this month for the parish.

First of all, again:  all I can do is stand in awe of your generosity!  $10.5K+ for hurricane relief is staggering.  What can I say?

I stand in awe, too, of our youth group and its fantastic post-Communion meditation this past Sunday—how outstanding are they??!!

But we have so many other things happening this month.  The witness for life this past Sunday on Cody Rd was an example of evangelization and witness.  The upcoming International Festival will be a celebration of our parish’s wonderful diversity.  There are opportunities for socializing on other levels, too, including our parish picnic (with bows to the Knights of Columbus who cook all the hot dogs and hamburgers) and the casino trip.

There are opportunities for formation, as well, including the talks I’ll be giving on the 17th and 24th (John Henry Newman, and Virtues), the recent training for new altar servers, and the recent training of new Special Ministers of Holy Communion.  In this way we build the Body of Christ.

This leads up, of course, to Stewardship Sunday, the 19th-20th of the month.  What are your current commitments with regard to Time, Talent, and Treasure?   Can you write them down?  Are there areas in which you could expand your involvement?  For example: we are in short supply of usher/greeters, and this is a ministry that is critical to our parish.  We are known as being welcoming, but we need folks at the doors who can be the “first line of encounter” especially for new arrivals.  All it takes is a smile, perhaps a hand-shake, and holding open the door.

Are you tech-savvy?  We welcome folks who are willing to be taught (not that hard!) to record our Sunday 11:00 Mass.  Did you know we have had people watching (and commenting) from places like Germany and Afghanistan?  Perhaps you could help us with this outreach.

It’s hard for me to ask for extra money, especially in light of the incredible generosity you just showed for hurricane relief.  But our bills increase, too, and there’ll be in the near future another appeal for extra funding, this time for our Archdiocese.  We’ll see how that works out.

No matter what you do or how you do it, I pray your commitment to Jesus Christ will include parish ministries and outreach.  You must decide.  We’ll give you the chance to pledge your varying commitments in a couple of weekends. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your goodness and generosity!