I want to make a report to the parish about a number of major “comings and goings” in these last few weeks/months at Our Savior. Some of you may know these things; others may have guessed or heard something; let’s give everyone the facts. I present them in no particular order, but I hope I am being comprehensive in my presentation.
First of all, we are on schedule for paying off the debt on our covered walkway/Jennings Hall façade improvement, and it should be completely taken care of by the end of this summer!
A large sink-hole developed in our back field—it was the result of a break in the storm drain that runs rain-water to the culvert leading down to Milkhouse Creek. We were able to secure the use of a back-hoe to dig out the area, repair the pipe, and replace the soil. We’ll probably need to put additional topsoil there once the ground has settled. But the repair is, we are convinced, complete. And it has been covered in large part by a donation.
Thanks to a donation we are in the process of having 2 deacon chairs made for the sanctuary that will match the presider’s chair. These should be ready for us sometime during the Easter season.
In an effort to make a better use of our equipment for the sake of evangelization, we will be augmenting our video capability in the church so we can broadcast the Sunday Mass live (= live-streaming). This change will also make posting to our website far more effective and far less time-consuming. It will also allow us to beam internet into the church, and from there into the rectory, allowing us to eliminate our current service (to a savings of about $110/month). This work is also being funded by a donation.
Sadly, we’ve recently experienced an attempted break-in and several attempts to solicit (or even extort) money from parishioners here. To that end, and with the enthusiastic support of Finance and Parish Councils, we’re preparing to install comprehensive video surveillance equipment at the office, Jennings Hall, the rectory, and the church. It is sad that life has come to this, but it has, and I want to be responsible for the safety and security of our parishioners. We have resources to spend on this, and we will do so as responsibly and expeditiously as we can.
I want you to know that your financial contributions to Our Savior parish are going for worthwhile projects. And since it is your money that is enabling us to engage in these works, you need to have an accountability made to you. I hope you are happy with our progress, and if you are not, I hope you will let me know why not. After all, it’s important that ALL voices are heard