It’s funny, but when I’m in Italy I think nothing of walking ½ mile (or even much further) for things like groceries, shopping, etc.  The major place to buy things when I was in seminary was Standa (think the Italian answer to K-Mart)—on Cola di Rienzo, a mile from the College.  We just did it.

          Today I thought nothing (OK—just a little bit) about walking from my apartment at Piazza San Rufino downhill and past Santa Chiara, out two city gates and beyond a major roundabout to Tigre Amico, an actual supermarket (but please don’t think Publix!).  I bought fruit, vegetables, meat, wine, coffee, and bath soap all in one place.  And it was a walk of half a mile each way.  No problems!

          When was the last time you (or I???) walked even half that far to get anything?  We often get upset if the slot we find in a parking lot is too far away from the entrance to the restaurant. 

          Later on this evening I’ll be walking about the same distance in the other direction for a Negroni, but that’s of course a completely different story