We are a parish community striving to be faithful to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to care for our brothers and sisters and to build up the Kingdom here on Cody Road. We believe in worship that enables our members to be active in the work of lived evangelization: a witness to the joy of the life we share in Christ, crying the Gospel with our lives. We are committed to outreach that validates our worship and shows God to be the power behind the action, all for His glory.

We are working to become a people who celebrate the “Culture of Life” by affirming the truth of the Good News and ALL aspects of life as truly good.

Does affirmation, commitment to life, worship that enables, and joy in Christ resonate with you? Come join us, and thank you for visiting our web-site!

-Fr. David J. Tokarz, Pastor


How We’ll Be Moving Forward…Slowly 

In spite of the fact that there is an easing of restrictions in Alabama as a result of the COVID-19 virus, things are still serious.  Mobile County leads the State in cases diagnosed and in deaths attributed to the infection.   

The Archbishop has granted permission for “public” Masses with a maximum of 9 people—this includes the priest and a deacon or server/lector and the recordist.   

He has also granted permission for the distribution of the Eucharist outside the context of Mass.  

Here at Our Savior, I’m sorry to say we will not be doing either one.  

Suggestions to allow a musician, a cantor, and a lector to the Sunday Mass (which already will have a priest and deacon and videographer) would limit the “congregation” to 3 people.  This is unfair and pretty well unworkable from my point of view, trying to monitor this (and trying to deal with folks standing in line to attend Mass).

 I am personally at “high-risk,” not only because of age but more importantly because my immune system is compromised by my taking Humira for my Crohn’s disease.  There is no way I can administer the Eucharist without coming into contact with folks who explicitly cannot receive with gloves or masks.  If I were to wear a mask, it would help you, not me.  More to the point, besides the lack of any treatment or vaccine, there is the issue of being a carrier/transmitter even though personally a-symptomatic.  This is a risk I cannot take for others, nor do I want to put myself at that risk.  You and I may feel fine; are we?

At this point in the developments of the spread or control of the outbreak, Our Savior will continue what it has been doing these last few weeks:  Morning Mass Tuesday through Friday at 8:30 will be live-streamed, as will the 11:00 Mass Sunday morning.  Confessions will still be heard on the porch on Saturday afternoons, 4:00 to 5:00 pm.

In conversation with the Archbishop and areas priests Sunday (via a Zoom conference), it was made clear that these permissions are completely optional, and if they cannot work, they cannot work.  Sadly, given my reading of the condition of the State, our City/County, and my own health, I believe they cannot work for us at this time. 

Robert Scott lost the race to be the first person to the South Pole, and in the end he and his companions froze to death.  The last lines he wrote in his journal were:  “We took risks; we knew we took them; things have come out against us.  Therefore we have no cause for complaint.”  I do not ever want to find myself saying these words about the people of Our Savior parish.  Thank you for your understanding and patience. 

-Fr. David J. Tokarz, Pastor

Reconsecration to Mary

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